Roast Veal “Vitela Assada à Moda de Fafe”

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According to José Augusto Vieira’s book “O Minho Pitoresco”, the dish “Vitela Assada à Moda de Fafe” made Fafe cuisine known across the country at least since the 19th century, as the crowning glory of local food.
Visitors can also taste traditional dishes, such as the mountain kid, roasted lamb in wood-fired ovens, but the most typical one is the roast veal “Vitela Assada à Moda de Fafe”.
The best restaurants in town offer this delicious dish, roasted in a wood-fired oven, served in chunks with potatoes and with the famous local green wine.
This roast veal is typically served at the May fairs and Wednesday fairs, while the roasted lamb is typically served during the council festivities.
Address: Praça 25 de Abril, 4820-142 Fafe
Phone: 253700400

03 Sep to 30 Oct 2022

10 to 19 Nov 2022

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