Alojamento Turístico - Casa da Lavandeira

Description / Facilities
The “Casa da Lavandeira” is a Manor House built in the XVIII century that was restored in 1878 and in 2010. In spite of all, the house mantains undefined architectonic features. It is a three floors construction in granite and wood and has seven suites all with private bathroom. The house also has a kitchen with traditional fireplace, a large lounge and living rooms, a dinning room and playing room.The house is surrounded by gardens with camellias, hollies and other old trees, with vineyards  and agricultural fields. The swimming-pool is surrounded by green grass and invites you to go for a refreshing dip. A modern and efficient central heating system ensures comfort in the entire house in winter months, as the thick granite walls keep freshness inthe warm months. The chapel was built in the early XIX century and is covered with Viúva Lamego tiles (Viúva Lamego is a brand dated from 1849 that creates unique high quality pieces) and a very beautiful altar in portuguese woodwork with a great artistic value and in perfect conditions. 
Address: Casa da Lavandeira, Rua de Penalva de Baixo, nº171 - 4640-024 Ancede, Baião
Phone: 910905085/93

18 Dec 2020 to 31 Dec 2022
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Lavandeira Events

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