Manor Houses - Quinta do Mosteiro


The - Quinta do Mosteiro - Manor house dates back many centuries. It was founded by the Augustinian monks of Santa Cruz in 1060. However, during the course of 500 years the neglect of time led to its dilapidation and it was necessary to rebuild it. Reconstruction of the farm house began under Father Brandão in the seventeenth century and ended in 1622.

In the 19th century the monastery was sold to the liberal tribune José Estevão Coelho de Guimarães.

The Quinta do Mosteiro reached full splendour at the time of Counsellor Luís de Magalhães at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century.

Luís de Magalhães was a statesman, a royalist combatant and an intellectual of the 1870s, who was a close friend of writers Oliveira Martins and Eça de Queirós. The latter referred to the Quinta do Mosteiro and its special beauty several times in his books.

Today the Quinta still maintains its charm. Belonging to two families, the Quinta do Mosteiro continues to be part of the heritage of Maia, a guardian of past history.

GPS: 41º14'51.21"N   8º39'32.17"O

Location: Maia
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