Walking by the Balconies of Felgueira

Vale de Cambra

The village of Felgueira is located in the parish of Arões. It is a rural and tipycal village, with stone paths and rustic houses. It is surrounded by Serra da Freita. The river Cabrum flows here. It is inserted in the project “Aldeias de Portugal” (Portugal tipycal villages). The walking trail “Varandas da Felgueira” is a round route that starts in the villages of Felgueira and Carvalhal do Chão.  Starting the path next to the bus stop, we turn to the right to the center of Felgueira. On the way to the town, the visitors can enjoy the lanscape between Serra da Gralheira slope and the the limits of the Vale de Cambra

Location: Vale de Cambra


The specialities are the Barbecue Chicken, "Arroz de Miúdos" (Giblets Rice), Tropical Steak,...
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