Museu de Imprensa Nacional (The Press National Museum)

The Press National Museum is located upstream of the Freixo Bridge, in Oporto, and it houses the largest exhibition in Europe of still working typographic relics. It was open to the public in 1997 and it works 365 days a year from 15H to 20H, guided by the motto “the pleasure of culture”. The Museum has three permanent exhibitions: “Press Memories”, “Typographic Miniatures” and “Oporto Cartoon: The World Laughter”.

The first exhibition allows us to carry out an historic visit by the equipment and museum pieces from the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, with the possibility of printing texts and pictures using the manual techniques of composition and printing. The second exhibition is composed by 160 miniatures (made to scale) representing the evolution of the graphic arts, since Gutenberg until the present days.

The third exhibition shows the Porto Cartoon (PortoCartoon World Festival) winners, since 1999, in the International Cartoon Galery, which is a space with more than 400 m2.

In 2014 it was inaugurated the Residência Artística do PortoCartoon (PortoCartoon Artistic Residency, which, in 2015, changed its name to Casa Wolinski (Wolinski House).

Every year the Museum presents several temporary exhibitions and workshops, besides organizing birthday parties.

It also operates a bookbinding workshop that can be visited by appointment on the week days

Location: Porto
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