Constantino Nery Theatre - Municipal Theatre

The theatre opened on June 10th, 1906, and was built by initiative of Emidio José Ló Ferreira. Ló Ferreira was a builder who made his fortune in Brazil and had been awarded the title of Viscount of Trevões due to his humanitarian work. The theatre was named in honour of his friend and partner Antonio Constantino Nery (1859 - 1906), Governor of the State of Amazonas, in Brazil.

The building was purchased by the City Council of Matosinhos, and profoundly redesigned by the architect Alexandre Alves Costa after a long period of closure. It reopened in 2008 as a municipal theatre and is in process of classification as Municipal Interest Heritage.

The author responsible for the restoration project of this centenary Show Room kept the original facade of the building, that was listed dismounted and stored in a warehouse to be rebuilt. The revival of this cultural equipment has turned into a versatile space, with the ability to welcome music shows, theatre and dance performances, exhibitions and film secreenings, lectures and also motion pictures.

This movie theater presents itself as one of the main poles of attraction of the Oporto Metropolitan Area, with a hectic schedule that goes from the stage theater, contemporary performing’s, self-production, co-production and even class reception.

Location: Matosinhos
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