Centro Histórico Património Mundial / Ribeira

Historic Center World Heritage / Ribeira

The historic center of Oporto is the oldest part of the city and it was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. It is the testimony of the medieval origins of the city, in an urban set of rare beauty. Running through the typical narrow streets of the center means to be confronted with a monument of undeniable value, with the renowned hospitality of the people and with the stunning landscape over the houses and over the river Douro, in every step. The gastronomy, the crafts and the commerce offer a wide range of proposals, from a traditional offer supported by a past of great historical significance, to the most creative young artists of the city. The break of the visit is done in Praça da Ribeira, from where the cruises leave and from where we can enjoy the river and the view. The Praça da Ribeira is a privileged meeting point with history and people, and also a stage of regular activities. There are many ways to discover the historic center, and from the center there are many ways that lead us to other areas of the city. By foot, by bus, by electric locomotive, by cable car, by car, by mini-train, by boat, or even by metro, that is your choice and the city as well! 

Location: Porto
Domporto Restaurant

Domporto Restaurant

Located in the enterprise Cais de Gaia since 2008 we are a space dedicated to gastronomy...
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