Tourist Village of Pontido

Description / Facilities
Fafe is known as the living room of Minho and is praised for its welcoming spirit and its art of hospitality. It offers a number of tourist resorts with the facilities for making your stay truly memorable.
Tourist village with 7 bedrooms and 7 beds.
Address: Rua do Pontido, Queimadela, 4820-560 Fafe
Phone: 253508108

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2019

01 Feb to 31 Dec 2019
Aldeia Turística do Pontido

Aldeia Turística do Pontido

The cuisine in the council of Fafe is enjoyed by locals and visitors. Restaurant Aldeia do...
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Doçaria Maria do Céu Freitas - Fornelos

Doçaria Maria do Céu Freitas - Fornelos

Other delicacies in Fafe council are the sponge cake ("pão-de-ló") and egg-yolk sweets ("doces...
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Praia Fluvial e Parque de Merendas de Agrela

Fafe offers several natural outdoor and leisure places where you can enjoy yourself and relax!

Queimadela Dam

The 11-hectare reservoir area is perfect for leisure activities, with its river beach, picnic park and facilities for non-polluting water sports. To enhance...
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