Quinta da Mestra

Description / Facilities

Situated in place of Soto, the parish Burgo, 3km from the center of Arouca. It's a small dwelling, carefully designed to be a country house, with 3 bedrooms (3 doubles). Inserts in a rural area on a Farm and it offers a calm and welcoming environment, with ease of access and Serra da Freita and River Paiva. Services: Living room with open outdoor deck (with fireplace), kitchen area open space limited by the stairs to the top floor, two bathrooms, pantry, TV with DVD player, kitchen and laundry facilities.
Address: Burgo, 4540-226 Arouca
E-mail: geral@quintadamestra.com
Phone: 932899182
VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

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