Description / Facilities

It seats 100 people and the average price is 8 €.
The specialties are pizza, pastas and "francesinhas" (sandwiches with ham, cheese, sausages, roast beef and sauce).
Closing day: Monday
Address: Areeiro, Santa Eulália, Arouca, Portugal
Phone: 256941781

21 Sep to 23 Nov 2019

01 to 31 Dec 2019

Tabaçó Belvedere

From Tabacó we can enjoy the view over Frecha da Mizarela area, over the small village of Paço de Mato, and over part of the Serra da Freita.

Prision Building

It is a XVIII century two floors building, serving as Town Hall on the first floor, and as prision on the ground floor. The portal of the top floor is in...
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