InLima Hotel e Spa

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
This new hotel, qualified with 4 stars, is in the centre of the town and gives you all confort and quality in the services.  you can relax and walk next to the Lima river, enjoing all the beauty that Ponte de Lima has. Nº of bedrooms: 30
Address: Rua Agostinho José Taveira 182, 4990-072 PONTE DE LIMA
Phone: 351258900050

18 and 19 Apr 2020

05 Feb to 30 Dec 2020


Located in the historic part of the village, opposite the Town Hall, you can enjoy in a typical...
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Pizzaria Quinta da Guia

Pizzaria Quinta da Guia

It is presented as a relaxed place and friendly service. With take away service, and the pizzas...
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Percurso Centro Histórico( Historic centre circuit)

We recomend includes the vist to emblematic places of the 10 towers that existed in the Middle Age, following the old section of wall (battlement). General...

Caminho do Rio Lima (Pathway of Lima River)

The route connects the Área Protegida de Bertiandos and S.Pedro de Arcos to the town of Ponte de Lima, on the right side of the river Lima.The route can be...
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