Celeiro da Vila

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
Situated in a priveliaged location in the historic center, facing to a nice square, this is a family and friendly restaurant. Closed on thursdays except lunches during the summer.
Address: Largo Dr António Magalhães nº12, 4990-056 Ponte de Lima
E-mail: cristeixeira70@hotmail.com
Phone: +351258943073

30 Jun to 30 Sep 2019

25 Sep 2019

Arte Baco Galeria Vinoteca

Bar wine gallery with live music, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Nautical Club of Ponte de Lima

Type of Equipment: Outdoor Accessibility: 1:Camões Square; 2: April 25 Sidewalk; 3:  Dr. Fernão de Magalhães Street; 4: Agostinho José Taveira Street; 5:...
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