Hotel Valença do Minho

Description / Facilities
The Hotel Valença do Minho is located in the village of Valença, in the Portuguese Alto Minho, a privileged area where the green of the landscape contrasts with the blue of the sky. Visiting the village is entering its ancient fortress through its majestic doors of Revelim da Coroada. One of its mandatory stops is Praça Forte, considered the typical medieval shopping mall of the Alto Minho. Delight to those who visit and with their slate and towels turns the typical Dereita street into a large embroidered carpet of unusual beauty.
Address: Av. Miguel Dantas Valença
Phone: +351 251 824 211

31 Dec 2019 and 01 Jan 2020

05 Dec 2019 to 07 Jan 2020

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