Quinta da Torre de Penafiel (Torre de Penafiel Farm)

Vila Nova de Cerveira
The Torre de Penafiel is an old construction in rectangular plan, which we can see from the main church hillside. The Penafiel Tower is a relic that still remains of a manor house set, dating back from the late Middle Ages. Today is a three- floor building, with a hipped roof, chimney and gutters drawing the water off from a hipped prominent stone cornice. Besides the changings that this tower has suffered over the centuries with the introduction of doors and windows which were incoherent in that type of structure, we can still notice the antiquity of this tower in the well squared walls, in the Christ`s Cross that was placed in the south platband and also in the remains of an arch decorated with rosettes in “manueline” style. In the south elevation, incrusted in the wall, there is a partly destroyed inscription from the XVII century, which, in a clear and “romantic” manner, says that the tower was built by the “moors”. Over the entrance door, facing the west, there is an unreadable inscription, which is now kept under the porch that was recently built. 

Location: Vila Nova de Cerveira
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