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05 Oct 2019

18 Sep 2019
Kyodai Sushi Bar and Terrace

Kyodai Sushi Bar and Terrace

Located in the Hotel HF Fénix Porto, in the Boavista area, Kyodai Sushi Bar and Terrace offers a...
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Custóias Municipal Swimming Pool

Opening Hours: Monday: 7H45 -13H15 / 16H00-22H00;     Tuesday: 8H30-13H45 / 16H45-22H00;    Wednesday: 7H45-13H15 / 16H45-21H15 Thursday: 8H30-13H45 /...

Cooltour Oporto Vinho Verde Route

On this tour we present you one the most exclusively Portuguese wine in the world: Vinho Verde. The stunning beauty of Minho is the setting for the Rota do...
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