Chapel of Nossa Senhora


Chapel of N. S. da Conceição

Because of the distance between their place and the main church as well as the floods that prevented the access of the inhabitants of 25 residences, in 1733 the Captain Vicente Ferreira and his wife Luzia Antónia do Sacramento ordered to build the chapel of N. S. da Conceição. It is located on the margin of an old road coming from Ermesinde. Its interior houses the images of Senhora da Conceição, Sra. das Dores and S. Vicente Ferrer. It houses also a small image of Santo António, the Sagrado Coração de Jesus and S. José. A rare picture of St. Vincente Ferrer, who is not a popular saint, being more invoked by the dominicans, is due to the fact that the founder`s name was Vicente Ferreira. The saint was a preacher and is the patron of the souls of the Dominican Order. It is said he has a resurrected a widow who is at his feet in the picture.

Location: Valongo
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