Casa do Ti Latoeiro

Torre de Moncorvo
Description / Facilities

Descrição: Family and cozy cottage recovered, located in the village of Açoreira, 10 km from the Torre de Moncorvo Town and 5 km from the station of the railway of Pocinho (end of the Douro line). The house comprises 4 bedrooms with toilet and AC, living room and kitchen usefulness and breakfast.

Serviços: Air conditioner

Capacidade: 8 people

Atividades: The house provides to its clients sports and leisure activities in rural areas such as: Walking routes, mountain bike routes, participation in seasonal activities in the region.
Address: Rua da Igreja | 5160-011 Açoreira | Torre de Moncorvo
Phone: 938618623

07 Dec 2019
Restaurante "A Lareira"

Restaurante "A Lareira"

Specialties: Cod roasted in the fire, "Lareira" Cod, "Posta à Lareira", "Lareira" veal chop, and...
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Restaurante Romanzeira - Açoreira

Restaurante Romanzeira - Açoreira

Specialities:boar, wild rabbit, giblets with rice, "Posta" house, piggy (Leitão). Always open...
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“Vila Velha” ou “Santa Cruz da Vilariça”

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Municipal Library of Torre de Moncorvo

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