Seis Quintas Martúe, S.A

Torre de Moncorvo
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Six small farms, each with its own history, after emparceladas led to 65 hectares, born the farm "Seis Quintas de Martué" which is located in Torre de Moncorvo, in the Upper Douro Portuguese, where the Douro and Sabor rivers meet and where the landscape is idyllic and different. The vines are planted in terraces, where only a portion gaps found 400 meters and different sun exposure. The Douro region's soils are predominantly shale, giving the wines their mineral characteristics that make them different and great value.

"Seis Quintas Martúe"is a new concept of making wine in the region.

Product / Market Brands: "Dois Vales" and "Seis Quintas Reserva"
Address: Estrada Nacional 325, 5160 - 314 Torre de Moncorvo
Phone: 279254205

06 to 08 Nov 2020

Source diving and washing of Soutelinho

19th century plunge fountain ( into which pots were plunged to be filled with water) with cistern and wash tank linked by a ground-level channel.

Em Louvor dos Limites - Micheal Warren

This sculpture reminds us of the obelisks of the ancient Egyptian and classical civilisations or the totems that were used by many other civilisations in...
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