Casa do Moinho da Porta

Póvoa de Lanhoso
Description / Facilities
Casa Moinho da Porta, situated alongside a tributary of the Rio Ave, is a former corn and saw mill. Partly concealed by a grove of alder and eucalyptus but still very sunny, the gurgling of water in the background, and no sign of other houses in the vicinity - this is a unique cottage in a unique spot. The old mill is carefully restored and furnished, with the use of original materials like authentic Portuguese roof tiles and 18th century iron lattice from a nearby monastery. The water course along and under the mill has been preserved. The result is a beautiful combination of ancient and modern, without compromising luxury and comfort.

Address: Lugar do Moinho da Porta
Phone: 253 576 842 | 9370
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Território e Comunidade

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27 Jul 2019


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