Vinhos Norte

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The “green wine” is produced in the Demarcated Vinho Verde Region and is naturally light and fresh. The wine has a moderate alcohol content and is less caloric, is a fruity wine, easy to drink and excellent as an aperitif and is perfect to go with light, balanced meals.
Two of the largest green wine producing companies in Fafe are Quinta de Naíde and Vinhos Norte.
The family company Vinhos Norte was established in 1971. Over the decades, its main purpose was to improve the quality of its products and to meet the needs of its customers, so they company invested in a new winemaking facility to preserve the characteristics of its products and offer customers a broader range of wines, by producing single vine varieties, namely Vinhão, Espadeiro and Loureiro, the main Vinho Verde varieties.
Address: Rua Estrada Nacional, nº 310, Várzea Cova, 4820-820 Fafe
Phone: 253509040

15 Jun 2018 to 31 Jul 2019
Pilgrims Night

Pilgrims Night

24 and 25 Jul 2019
The night of July 24, night of pilgrims to Santiago, that the City Council have instituted in...

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