Casa da Eira Longa

Description / Facilities
Casa da Eira Longa is situated in the village of Vilar. It has three bedrooms and two suites. Ideal for those who like to hunt, fish, swim, play tennis, play traditional games or simply go on nature walks. The walks through the countryside, the adventure, the tranquility of this space, the experience of traditions are all irresistible.
Address: Rua Penedo 4, 5460-512 Vilar, Portugal
Phone: 276415979

14 to 16 Aug 2020
Casa de Petiscos- Casa Fontes

Casa de Petiscos- Casa Fontes

The Casa de Petiscos is integrated in the unit of rural tourism Casa Fontes, in full the main...
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Barroso Restaurant

Barroso Restaurant

Typical restaurant. Regional dishes. Located high on the Boticas village.
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Source of Love

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Arubha Mill

A few minutes walk to Atilhó, entered the P1.2 pedestrian path, this mill is part of molinológical project undertaken by the city of Boticas, which seeks to...
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