Casa da Eira Longa

Description / Facilities
Casa da Eira Longa is situated in the village of Vilar. It has three bedrooms and two suites. Ideal for those who like to hunt, fish, swim, play tennis, play traditional games or simply go on nature walks. The walks through the countryside, the adventure, the tranquility of this space, the experience of traditions are all irresistible.
Address: Rua Penedo 4, 5460-512 Vilar, Portugal
Phone: 276415979
"Rochas e Minerais - Norte de Portugal"

"Rochas e Minerais - Norte de Portugal"

07 Jan to 08 Mar 2019
"Rochas e minerais - Norte de Portugal" is an exhibition aims to show the potential of the...
Sacred Art Exhibition

Sacred Art Exhibition

01 Dec 2018 to 31 Jan 2019
In the month of the Nativity, the Interactive Tourism Shop presents a display of Sacred Art...
Restaurant D.João

Restaurant D.João

This property is located in the historic part of town, it is a very cosy and relaxing space with...
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