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Hotel and Restaurant Rio Beça is situated in Boticas, Carreira da Lebre,  2km from the spa and springs of Carvalhelhos and 50 km from the National Park Peneda-Gerês, one of the most beautiful spots in Tras-os-Montes. The hotel was inagurated in 2001 to accomadate the vast number of tourists who visit this breathtaking region every year. Designed with classic detail, this hotel serves weddings, baptisms, parties, congressions, and more. The demograghic location of Hotel Rio Beça offers its guests the opportunity to take in the tranquil picturesque surroundings with a vast leisure area.
Address: Estr. Nacional 311, Carreira da Lebre 5460-125 – Beça
Phone: 276413003

01 to 31 Dec 2020

30 Oct to 01 Nov 2020

In this charming refined space you will find enchanting typical Portuguese cuisine. Found in the...
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Restaurant Machado

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CEDIEC, European Center of Documentation and Investigation, in Boticas, intended for the enhancement of proto-historic artistic expressions in the...

Terva Valley Archaeological Park

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