Typical Gastronomy - Broa de Avintes

Vila Nova de Gaia
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"Conceived in a well-dosed blend of corn and rye flour, that still is grounded in an hydraulic way so not to lose its natural qualities, more, a small touch in the baking powder and a well-kept secret at seven keys, from generation to generation, it dives in a profound sleep under a white cloth. After, its dark body is layed on top of the fresh cabbage leaf, reminding the softness of a linen sheet in summer night. Next, it plunges in the darkness of the oven previously warmed in wood and there it conserves in a long period of almost five hours, indifferent to the heat that strengthens the body and purifies the taste. In the end, it goes back to open air, exhaling a so rich and penetrating odour capable of making grow water on the mouth. Handled by feminine hands that like the mothers, make it in a loving way as it were a son, it is deposited in typical large baskets to initiate its commercialization path."

Text of Joaquim Costa Gomes - Confraternity of cornbread Avintes

Address: Avintes - Vila Nova de Gaia

16 Nov 2019 to 10 Oct 2020

18 Oct 2019 to 07 Mar 2021

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