Rota dos Sabores

Description / Facilities
Located in the renovated Municipal Market of Bragança offers a variety of dishes and delicacies transmontanas. From piglet, duck rice, varied game dishes and of course, desserts with chocolates and the famous chestnut hedgehogs. All made by chef Eurico Castro.
Address: Forte S. João de Deus - Mercado Municipal – 5300 - 263 Bragança
Phone: +351 914 844 251

Adriano Moreira Cultural Center

The Centro Cultural Adriano Moreira was for centuries dedicated to educational purposes.Built in the year 1562 for Convent of Clear Nuns was delivered to...


Symbol of the municipal power. Was moved to different places in the city and may have been in these "wanderings" that was embedded in a nut. The monument is...
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