Restaurante " O Cuquinho"

Description / Facilities
Traditional Portuguese kitchen
Address: Rua Narciso Ferreira 4740-281, Esposende, Norte
Phone: +351 927 508 470
Fortnightly Fair Esposende

Fortnightly Fair Esposende

27 Jan 2020
The fair fortnightly Esposende is located to the east of the urban core of the city. Free entry

02 Feb 2020

Pillory of Esposende

This is an interesting  example of the municipal power and the autonomy of those free from servitude .The plinth with pillowed faces sits on the tradicional...

São Martinho religious festival

GandraIn the liturgical calendar, the feast of São Martinho is celebrated on November 11. This saint is the patron saint of tailors, knights, beggars, wine...
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