Restaurante Flora

Description / Facilities
The Restaurant Flora  is without a doubt  a gastronomic symbol of Sernacelhe. Open since  1974 by D. Ludovina  the mother of the present  owner Fernando Flora.
Excelling  in a typical cuisine and  regional dishes. They make  all kinds of servives including weddings, baptisms, birthday parties and other requests. In this restaurant have already been several public figures of the most different  spheres  as the previous President of the Republic Professor Cavaco Silva, Dr. Jorge Sampaio, Dr. Xanana Gusmão, the Duke of Bragança, the former Prime Minister Dr. Passos Coelho, José Armando Saraiva, Minister of Education, Minister of Agriculture, Pinto da Costa, Paulo Gonzo, Paulo de Carvalho, Quim Barreiro, Toni Carreira,  Xutos e Pontapés, Ana Malhoa , Canário, Toy, Marco Paulo, Emanuel and many others. 

Typical dishes:
Roast Lamb with chestnuts, pork with chestnuts, chestnuts soup, “lagareiro” octopus, griiled codfish, “cozido à portuguesa” (portuguese stew made of boiled meat an vegetables) and chicken blood rice.

“Queijadas de Castanha”, “filhoses” (fritters) and leite creme” (custard)

Address: Sernancelhe
Phone: 254595304

08 to 10 Nov 2019

10 Nov 2019

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