Restaurante Casa do Zé

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Space with a  large  room and open to the street, with a window  that provides  a lot  of natural light, the decoration is  based on wood, with exhibition of wines. Cosy atmosphere, suitable for a family meal, served with kindness.  

Specialties: Lamprey and Shad (in the season), all kinds of grilled food. Roast lamb and veal (only on weekends). 

Average price per meal: daily rate - 5,50€, à la carte -10.00 €
Capacity: 80 people
Payment: cash
Opening hours: 7:00h to 24:00h
Open daily
Address: Av. General Humberto Delgado - Sobrado, 4550-101 Castelo de Paiva
Phone: (+351) 255 689 929
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