Restaurant Vindouro

Description / Facilities

Inspired by the Douro prescription, the letter is seasonal, with emphasis on local produce. It features an executive menu at lunch, with an average price of around 12 euros (dish, appetizer or dessert and wine by the glass), working dinner à la carte service, with an average price of 25 euros (starter, main course, dessert and wine glass). You can also optar- if the tasting menu with six courses (35 euros, with wine tasting, 48 euros).

The kitchen also has a wood oven - in memory of the old community oven that worked here - used to make, so appreciated specialties such as roast kid, baked rice and the baked potato baker.


Is located in the historic center of Lamego, near the Cathedral, the Museum and the Teatro Ribeiro Conceição, features contemporary regional cuisine, Mediterranean base and draws on traditional Douro prescription. The result is a mixture of aromas, flavors and textures that appeals to feelings.

With a total area of 430 square meters, the restaurant features a large dining room, which seats 60 people, with a fireplace for cozy diners in the dead of winter, and a piano to prolong, with good music, the pleasure of tasting .

The private room with smoking area and up to 16 people, is designed for group events, especially in decorating a panel with the image of the magnificent stage of the Teatro Ribeiro Conceição.

An undulating corridor, simulating the elegant curves of the river and the sharp relief of the terraces, to the recreation of vines and olive trees, framed in a shale wall, referring to walls that populate the steep slopes, the pleasures of fine dining are involved in this environment exception, where architecture reflects the richness and uniqueness of the surrounding landscape.


The choice of products is subject to greater control and possible requirement. The first criterion of choice is the quality, not its origin. There is no kitchen without good quality products. The food should be tasty and healthy. In designing the menus, we favor the use of fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, legumes, dairy products, sea fish and meat in quantities contained But give preference to regional environmentally friendly products and collected in his own time, respecting the cycles of nature. Regardless of the combinations that may be or equipment are used, the important thing is to preserve the genuine taste of the product. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and the service has to be impeccable. Sympathy, efficient way to serve and explain each dish and speed are the essential rules.

What gives this exclusive space is precisely the symbiosis between tradition and modernity.

House Specialities:

- Octopus salad on olive and virgin olive oil toast with a mix of young lettuce leaves

- Crispy shredded alheira (bread and game sausage) with fried straw potatoes, onion, tomato and egg'

- Delicious octopus confit in olive oil

- Slice of beef, Douro style

- Scrumptious “Douro terraces” (multi-layered opera gateau)

- Trout stuffed with prosciutto

Opening hours:

Lunch (From Monday to Friday):

12:00 - 14:30

19:30 - 22:00


12:00 - 15:00

19:30 - 22:30

Closed: Monday and Sunday night

Address: Rua Macário de Castro nº 39 5100-179 - Lamego
Phone: +351 254 401 698

14 to 16 Oct 2022

16 Oct 2022

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