Restaurant O Sobreiro

São João da Pesqueira
Description / Facilities

Cuisine: Typical and Tradicional Food

Specialites: Roasted goat, Codfish in the “Telha”, Meat, Veal on the barbecue.

Capacity: 120 Persons

Schedule: 12h00 - 15h00 / 19h00 - 20h30 

Closed on Saturdays

Average Price: 7,00 euros

Languages: French, Spanish.

Payments accepted: Cash

Private Car Park: 100 Places

Address: Senhora da Estrada - Vilarouco
Phone: 254452111

06 to 08 Nov 2020

Almond Route – PR3

Details of the route:Start and Finish:  Pereiros, Vilarouco or Valongo dos Azeites.Purpose: Sports, cultural, and landscape.Type of trail: Short trail...

Santa Luzia Belvedere

Santa Luzia Belvedere differs from the other belvederes in S. João da Pesqueira. Flanked by vineyards, it is not near the Douro River, rather close to Torto...
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