Olive Route – PR4

São João da Pesqueira

Details of the Trail:

Start and Finish: Largo da Devesa, S. João da Pesqueira.

Purpose: Sports, cultural, and landscape.

Type of trail: Short trail across old and traditional pathways, some rural paths and, near the villages, on tarmac.

Distances between the most significant points:

S. João da Pesqueira Nagoselo do Douro – 6,600 m

Nagoselo do Douro N. Srª de Lurdes – 1,200 m (Ramal)

Nagoselo do Douro Soutelo do Douro – 2,000 m

Soutelo do Douro N. Srª das Neves – 1,300 m

N. Srª das Neves S. João da Pesqueira – 7,100 m

Total trail distance: 19 400 m

Level of difficulty: Average / high.


São João da Pesqueira – 590 m

Nagoselo do Douro – 360 m

N. Srª de Lurdes – 405 m

Soutelo do Douro – 450 m

N. Srª das Neves – 685 m

Cumulative levels – 325 m

Levels – Not significant.

Location: São João da Pesqueira


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