Restaurant Cabaço

Description / Facilities
The restaurant is located in Vilar de Perdizes parish about 17 km from Montalegre, a recently renovated space, has a nice atmosphere with touches of elegance in its decor, combining a modern style with hardiness features.
Specialties- The gastronomic offer of the restaurant Cabaço is simple, but no less tasty, quite the contrary, come to taste the homemade products made with all the mastery by the owner and it stands out the “barrosã” stew, with all homemade products since the smokehouse, meats and vegetables, and according to the owner the secret of the flavour is in seasoning slightly the food because the natural product in itself has already the flavour ... it has on your demand the “cabidela” rice and stewed chicken, made with homemade cocks. “Picanha à barrosã” consisting of a grilled morsel of veal with salt only with a simple sauce invented by the owner accompanied with vegetables of the region. The “rancho à transmontana” with red beans and ham accompanied by vegetables.
Concerning fish be sure to try the “ Pescada à minha avó” ( hake) an ancient recipe that has its secret. Codfish with onions and boiled hake (with potatoes and vegetables).
Address: Avenida da Igreja 5470 Vilar de Perdizes
Phone: 276536136

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