Refúgio da Freita

Description / Facilities

It has capacity for 50 people and the average price is 10 €. The specialties are, "massinha de cherne" (grouper), "samos de bacalhau com molho marisqueiro" (cod with shellfish sauce), "cabrito à casa" (goat) and "vitela no churrasco" (veal on the barbecue).                                                                                                                                                            The closure is random.
Address: Merujal, Urrô, Arouca, Portugal
Phone: 256947723

21 Sep to 23 Nov 2019

17 Nov 2019

PR15 "Prehistory travel"

Departing and arriving at the Merujal camping park. This route is a short route, passing through traditional and mountain paths, in the cultural, sports,...

PR7 " On Mizarela's scarps"

Departing and arriving at the campsite of Merujal. This route is a short route, which passes through mountain paths in the cultural, sports, landscape and...
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