Quinta Encosta do Luzio

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Quinta do Luzio is a small property with an area of 1,5 hectares. It is located on a slope, in the parish of Fornos. It is  only  directed to the production of wine. The grapes varieties are carefully and carefully selected, taking into account the characteristics  of the soil and the location of the vineyard. Produces green wine (white, red and rosé), marketed under the brand  of Encosta do Luzio.
Address: Luzio - Fornos, 4550-380 Castelo de Paiva
Protect yourself from the sun!

Protect yourself from the sun!

15 Jul to 30 Sep 2021
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18 Dec 2020 to 30 Sep 2021

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