Quinta dos Borralhais - CAT

Arcos de Valdevez
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The Quinta dos Borralhais- CAT wine is produced with Avesso grapes variety which grows in Ribadouro slopes, county of Baião.

These grapes are transported to Arcos de Valdevez where are converted in wine.

This wine has a straw yellow color and a citric flavour. It is a very sober wine in body but eloquent in fruit.

It is a wine alive and persistent in the mouth, being fresh and vibrant with a discreet acidity.

Serve between 8 10ºC
Address: Quinta dos Borralhais - Vale
E-mail: camposdias.domingos@hotmail.com
Phone: 933004239

28 Sep 2019

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2019

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