Quinta do Outeirinho

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Ancient property owned by the Earl of  Castelo de Paiva, Quinta do Outeirinho, is located in the parish of Sobrado, in the Paiva sub-region, belonging nowadays to a small producer. After a complete vineyard reorganization, which took place  for more than two decades, has been producing green wine (white and red), as well as sparkling  white wine. They were rewarded with some prizes due to the excellence of quality that these wines have. They were marketed with the brand Quinta do Outeirinho, these wines stand out for their very special characteristics, in particular its freshness, mix of unique flavours and bouquet.
Address: Rua Dom Brites de Arrochela - Sobrado, 4550-147 Castelo de Paiva
E-mail: quintadoouteirinho@gmail.com
Phone: 914152957
Endoenças 2020 - Holy Week

Endoenças 2020 - Holy Week

09 and 10 Apr 2020
Religious celebration of Holy Week. The Endoenças Procession has been going on for over 300...

The Bateira Bridge

Dating from 1893, this bridge over the river Paiva is one single arch construction.It is the ideal place for water sports, sport fishing and leisure time.

Solar da Boavista

Located in Quinta da Boavista, is it a construction dating from the XVII century, being the Residence of Conde Castelo de Paiva (Castelo de Paiva Earl). The...
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