Quinta do Burgo

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Located in the parish of Bairros, Quinta do Burgo is a property ran by a company. The farm is cultivated and used for diverse purposes, however, the main focus is the culture of the vineyard, wine storage, wine bottling  and export. Its grapes species  are properly chosen taking in account the soil characteristics, as well as the land in  which  is implemented.  Sells green red wine under the brand Montes da Paiva.
Address: Lugar do Burgo - Bairros, 4550-063 Castelo de Paiva
Phone: 917616240
Concert of the Band of Vila Boa de Quires

Concert of the Band of Vila Boa de Quires

08 Feb 2020
Concert of the Band of Vila Boa de QuiresThe Banda de Vila Boa de Quires, through the protocol...

01 Dec 2019 to 31 Jan 2020

Espinca fault (geosite 32)

Next to the Alvarenga?s bridge, in the right bank of the Paiva river, there is a geological outcrop characterized by solid benches, of black quartzite with...

Schist Villages of Midões and Gondarém

 Places of Midões and Gondarém have a very characteristic beauty of mountain villages: Gondarém, place conducive to hiking, stands by the group of houses...
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