O Rei

Description / Facilities
It is a friendly and welcoming space with large rooms that allow to have all kinds of events. It has a relaxed and family atmosphere, with great quality and efficiency. It prevails traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Specialties: Cozido (Portuguese stew made of boiled meat with vegertables), Cod “à Rei” manner, Roast Lamb

Opening hours: 08h00 to 24h00

Address: Rua Central de Mouriz, 680 4580-594 Mouriz
Phone: 255781798

27 Jun to 31 Oct 2020

Mills River Sousa

Once important to the local economy, the milling industry today is reflected in the existence of some mills, in the course of the River Sousa.

Old Spinning Mill, Chapel and Bridge of Balsa

The old Balsa Spinning Mill started working in the beginning of the second half of the XIX century. At that time, this was the first industrial spinning...
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