Description / Facilities
The space has a surprising decoration and a cozy atmosphere, ideal for the harmonious and imaginative tasting of the combination of Transmontana cuisine and the palates of Portuguese Regional Cuisine.

The Hunt Dishes are also one of the Ex-Libris of this superb space, where the good disposition reigns.

Opening hours: 08h00 to 24h00
Closing day: Sunday
Address: Galerias Moderno – Rua Almirante Reis 5300 – 077 Bragança
Phone: +351 273 322 199

Ao Sabor do Vento - Ballooning

Hot air balloon rides.Free flights on any day of the week at 07h30 or 16h30.Bookings: 939509436/938659144

Castle of Bragança

Built on the most defensible point of the Castle, the works of the Keep, began in 1409 and only ended 40 years later. It is built in gothic style and...
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