Furna Restaurant

Description / Facilities
The Furna restaurant, created in 23rd October 1975, by José António and his wife Deolinda Pinto, represents a life's investment, based on dedication and hard work.

The Furna is one of the most known restaurants of the city, mostly because of its grilled Chicken and Moelinhas à Angolana (Chicken Gizzards).

Through the times, this restaurant has adapted to customers' needs, changing its façade, as well as its interior and structure, so that today, 34 years after its creation, it can be what it is today, a refinement and success example in the forefront of restaurants.
Address: Largo da Madalena, 105, 4750-314 Barcelos, Portugal
E-mail: restaurantefurna@gmail.com
Phone: 253811177

01 Feb to 30 Sep 2022

30 Apr to 10 Sep 2022

House of the Andrades e Almada

Three-storey building from the 17th century, situated at nº 33-35 of the Liberdade Avenue, the façade is decorated with 19th century azulejos.


From the 15th century, it was built by the initiative of the 8th Count of Barcelos, D. Afonso. It had three main entries; of which remains one keep, known...
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