Barcelos, Sala de Jantar do Minho

There are several reasons to visit Barcelos, one of them is the gastronomy, which is part of its identity. There are several plates you must taste: Rojões (chunks of lean pork with garlic, salt, pepper, wine and bay leaves), Papas de Sarrabulho (pork, chicken and cow meat, pork blood, corn flour, caraway, salt), Codfish and the Rooster. For dessert you can taste the Queijadinhas of Barcelos (eggs, sugar, flour, and butter), Brisas do Cávado (eggs, flour, butter and almonds) and Sonhos (fried pastry with flour, eggs, salt, lemon covered with sugar and cinnamon).

Location: Barcelos
Escondidinho Restaurant

Escondidinho Restaurant

It's a traditional house, with a long history, whose decoration remembers the typical food of...
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