Covilhete - one of the ex libris of Vila Real

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The Covilhetes are a kind of pies that owe their name to the small cake tin of black clay (of Bisalhães) where they were cooked in the oven. Today, the mould is no longer of clay, but the name remains.
The tradition of this specialty is very old and is linked to Saint Anthony celebrations, the Lord of Calvary and the Lady of Almodena, which were the only occasions when it was sold. Since the sixties from the nineteenth century that the Covilhetes began to gain notoriety in the” Vila-Realense” Gastronomy, and in the twentieth century, there were people who sold them in the city streets on trays covered with linen cloths. Today, we can buy Covilhetes in any pastry of Vila Real, as they are commercialized daily.

We suggest that you consume Covilhetes immediately after cooking!
Address: Vila Real

02 to 04 Jul 2020

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