Charutos dos Arcos

Arcos de Valdevez
Description / Facilities
It is a conventual sweet and one of the symbols of the Arcos de Valdevez confectionery. It has a cylindrical shape (like a cigar with 8 to 10 cm long and 2 cm diameter).  The wrapper is made of wafer and fiiled with sweet egg cream. The name is registered by “Doçaria Central” since 1963, remaining the recipe a well kept secret. Other pastries shops began manufacturing the “Charutos dos Arcos”, presenting variations on the original recipe: adding almond, orange zest, malabar gourd, etc.
Address: Rua General Norton de Matos 47
Phone: 258515215

05 Feb to 30 Dec 2020

Central Sweets Bakery (Doçaria Central)

The "Doçaria Central" (Central Sweets Bakery) founded in 1830 by "Francisca Doceira", great-grandmother of the current owner "D. Alzira Galvão", has become...


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