Biscoitaria Valonguense

Description / Facilities
The origins of this ancient biscuit factory may go back to the nineteen century, but the documents have not yet been found to confirm it.  It is certain that, in the 30’s of  the twentieth century, this company added a biscuit factory and bakery, stood out physically by legal imposition. At that time the owners did everything  to distinguish  their products  from the others, by the quality of the ingredients,  manufacturing processes  and baking. Nowadays it is run by  a young couple who make an effort  to maintain the tradition and introduce some innovative elements, with the support of the former employees. Produces about 25 qualities of biscuits, and  “miminhos”, “digestivos”, ”barcos” (boats), “fidalgos” and the “cacos” the most popular. In the production are only used fresh products. After, being kneaded  the dough is rolled out and put  in the wood oven, all done manually. The wholewheat, ginger and mint are being used for more light and gourmet  versions to reach new markets and tastes. Past, present and future meet to make us mouth water. Visits to the shop and production are  every weekday 9h-12h30 | 14h-18h30.

Address: Rua Dr. Cândido, n.º 11, 4440-641 Valongo
Phone: 937536280

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024

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