Bar de Fão Restaurant

Description / Facilities

Restaurant with a large and nice garden, situated next to the Ofir pinewood, serving good snacks of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Highlight for its pleasant terrace
Address: Avenida António Veiga, 4740 Ofir, Fão
Phone: 253981472
Contest International Jumping

Contest International Jumping

06 to 08 Sep 2019
Are expected in the North Riding Club in Gandra, about five thousand visitors, 150 knights,...


23 to 25 Aug 2019
In the Street Theater, we don't go to the show, it's the show that comes to us. Shows for the...

Municipal Market

This is a diverse market, where you can find tradicional products. It's like a fair, that happens every day.

São Lourenço religious festival

Initially this party was realized in 2nd weekend of September, however, at present, to this saint festivities in Vila Cha, if prologam always for...
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