Bakery Provesende

Description / Facilities

The Traditional Bakery Provesende belongs to the municipality of Sabrosa is located in the village center, and a place visited by tourists and schools can savor the good bread and delight with the traditional beef ball.

This site can be visited and develop targeted workshops for the production of bread being confecionar the young people themselves.
Address: Largo Joaquim Pinheiro de Azevedo Leite Pereira - Provesende
Phone: +351254731031

13 Jun 2021 to 31 Dec 2022

Monumental Fountain of Provesende - 1755

Imposing baroque fountain dating from the XVIII century, with rectangular tank. It has two spouts with scowls and a cartouche with the Braga`s archbishopric...

Demarcation of Marco - Farm of Lagares

Second pillar of the 1758 demarcation, erected in Fraga, with crosses.
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