Trail of Vade

Vila Verde
The ‘Trail of Vade’ is an equestrian route, marked and signposted according to the national and international guidelines. This route, of cultural and scenic extent, runs through the ancient paths of Aboim da Nobrega parish, once the headquarters of Vila Verde, extinct in 1853.

It starts at the well-known site «Carvalheiras», local place of Casais de Vide, parish of Aboim da Nobrega, Vila Verde municipality. Along this trail, our attention must turn to the methods and structures used by shepherds and animals to shelter caused by the erosion process, as well as for breeds (horses and caves) that are easily found along the route.

Route Location: Aboim da Nóbrega

Type of route: Small Route (circular)

Scope: Cultural - Landscape

Starting Point: Carvalheiras, Casais de Vide

Route Distance: 12 km

Duration of the route: 4h30min

Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

Recommended Season: All year round

Location: Vila Verde
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