The House of Bread and the Interpretive Wildlife Centre

Cabeceiras de Basto
The House of Bread and the Interpretive Wildlife Center are two municipal facilities that aim at enhancing and promoting the identity and the potential of “Cabeceirense” municipalituy. They are located amidst mountains, specifically in the Moinhos de Rei area and aim to encourage human presence in this mountain area, making known to “Cabeceirenses” and tourists the wealth and capital gains of the forest and at the same time preserving and continuing the uses and customs of the lands of Terra de Basto, also making the population aware to the protection of the forest and the environment.

The House of Bread intends to keep alive an identity by showing the visitors, the bread cycle through an exhibition space in which it is highlighted the agricultural tools and utensils used in the production of cereals - corn and rye - and the confectionery of bread. The Interpretive Wildlife Centre is, as its name indicates, a place where visitors can get to know the biodiversity of “Cabeceirense” municipality, including the fauna (animals) and flora (plants) existing in this territory. They are a tribute to the farmers, the people of the mountains and to all those who have worked in the forest for several years, by preserving and enhancing it.

Location: Cabeceiras de Basto
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