Teatro Cinema

The refurbished theatre hall Teatro Cinema is one of the most important architectural buildings in Fafe. Originally built in 1923, it represented a major cultural landmark and was considered one of the finest theatres in Northern Portugal.
The magnificent structure of the façade boasts unusual décor elements, probably one of a kind in the region. Pinkish in colour and with designs of winged cupids, as a symbol of the love for arts, the façade is dated 1923, visible below the name “Teatro-Cinema”, marking the date on which the works were completed and not its opening, which only took place in the following year.
This work of art marks the end of the activities carried out by the “Brazilians” from Fafe and their descendents, closing the emigration cycle to Brazil, the land of easy fortunes. The inside of the theatre hall features traditional horseshoe seating and has a vaulted ceiling decorated with pictorial elements depicting famous musicians and the sky.
The “crown jewel” of local culture, the theatre hall was inaugurated in 1923 and staged several shows until it closed in 1981. The City Hall bought the building twenty years later and reopened it in 2009 as a concert hall seating up to 305, hosting a varied programme for the enjoyment of the local residents.

Useful contacts:
Public Relations/Front Stage - Luís Meireles - teatro-cinema@naturfafe.pt
Technical Director - André Salvador - dtecnica.tcfafe@gmail.com
Lighting Director - João Manuel Gonçalves -luminotecnica.tcfafe@gmail.com
Sound Director - Gil Gonçalves - sonotecnica.tcfafe@gmail.com
Mechanical Stage Director - Nuno Gonçalves - mecanicodecena@tcfafe.com

Location: Fafe
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