Rio Homem (River Homem)

With about 45 km in length, the river Homem rises in Serra do Geres and is a tributary of the river Cávado. The municipality of Amares is located on the left-side bank of the river. There are several recreational areas and beautiful landscapes. It is crossed by the Ponte de Rodas, allowing the connection of Caldelas to Vila Verde. This bridge is classified as a National Monument. Of public civil architecture, built in the Middle Ages, is a living testimony of the ancestry of the municipality of Amares and consists of flat road board across the bridge on three unequal arches, with two structures of triangular and rectangular starling contour.

Location: Amares
Cantinho da Queijada

Cantinho da Queijada

Typical restaurant, located near of the national street in direction to Braga, with a big room....
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