Portas de Montemuro ( Montemuro Walls)

Already mentioned in 1258 inquests, the fortified station is, according to some authors, from even the Iron Age, can be considered as part of the culture of the Castros.

The wall was once a walled enclosure of large dimensions (about 12ha), in an important passage area, from the interior to the Douro river. With several interpretations, it is expected that has served the advancement of Christians even before the year 1000, as it appears described around that time as Muro Fracto ( Fracto Wall), with reference to the abandonment.
It has a wide visual field for all Bestança Valley.
You can not define, exactly, the timing of construction and occupation. It is estimated, however, it has been occupied in the Roman period.
The construction is characterized by double spandrel and dried stone, coarsely planed in the inner and outer faces (large and cyclopean dimensions) filled with core and uneven stone.
In the middle, there is a quadrangular ruin where, in 1717, a small chapel in honor of the Lord of Amparo was located.


Location: Cinfães
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